Happy Birthday, Wolfgang!

On this day in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. 

I used to use that fact to work with students when they were learning about the calendar and how to count months, days, years etc.  The standard assignment was to find out how old I was.  Yes, it is true that not too many teachers share their exact age with a student, but I have never hidden my age, so this was a natural.  You see, I was born 2 days shy of Mozart's 200th birthday.  

So, the assignment basically included research (they had to find Mozart's birth date) and then figuring out what 2 days shy of his 200th birthday would be.  It was a fun assignment, because even the students that didn't like homework, were always intrigued to try and figure out my age.

One of my favorite Mozart compositions is the Concert Rondo in D.  It is a delightful, light piece of music and was used in the movie called "Hopscotch" starring Walter Matthau