WORDS are fun!

I have a new favorite word!!! Mumpsimus!! I have so many friends whose use of the English language is mumpsimus. They think they are using English correctly, but they insist on using words that really don't exist.

There are so many common ones. Some are pure mispronunciations like "aks" for ask and "exscape" for escape. But one of my favorites, or should I say one that drives me nuts the most is irregardless. UGH!!!!

Then there is the word that means the opposite of mumpsimus.  It's sumpsimus!  It means adherence to or persistence in using a strictly correct term, holding to a precise practice, etc., as a rejection of an erroneous but more common form and a second meaning is a person who is obstinate or zealous about such strict correctness.  I always thought that I was born with a red pencil in the brain and here I find out that I am just a sumpsimus!

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