Upcoming SAT tests

The next SAT test is scheduled for January 28.  That is only 27 days away!  If you are registered to take this test it is time to buckle down and finish your preparation. 

What should you be doing? 

Sign up for word of the day by Dictionary.com  Pay attention to the derivatives of the word when you get each new word.  Don't worry so much about memorizing the word, although that is a good thing, but try to memorize the prefixes and suffixes of that word.

Review the most basic math formulas and practice using each one a few times.  This includes finding the area of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, circles and triangles.  You will also need perimeter of quadrilaterals and other polygons and the circumference of a circle.  Add to that finding the surface area of cones, cylinders, cubes and pyramids and the volume of those figures are well.  Yes you are provided these formulas at the beginning of each math section on the SAT, but you don't want to spend time shuffling through the pages to find them each time you need to use one and you certainly don't want to have to spend time staring at them to figure out what the letters in the formulas stand for.  The best way to do this is to put each formula on one side of an index card and put at least 2 examples on the other side of the card.

Don't complain about the critical reading.  Yes, everyone knows you aren't interested in the subject matter of each reading; they are boring; they use tough vocabulary.  Remember, the SAT is a measure of how well you will do in college and there will be many times in college when you will be required to read something that doesn't interest you, even in your major subject.

The night before the test don't study at all.  Do something you like to do, but don't go out partying; watch TV, listen to music, read for fun or play video games.  Gather your pencils and make sure they are sharpened.  Be certain you have fresh batteries in your calculator.  Get a good night's sleep and be sure to eat a good breakfast before you leave for the test.  Include some protein in that breakfast to provide you with long lasting energy. 

Most of all, don't panic.  Enjoy the experience.  GOOD LUCK!!

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