My Best Reads of 2011 for Young Readers

Some of the best books I read in 2011, were actually published long before, but showed up as Kindle books for the first time.

First is The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (Oprah's Book Club)  by Carson McCullers.  The heroine is a young girl names Mick Kelly.  This girl is both strange and special.  The setting is a small  Southern town.  The characters include many voiceless, and rejected folks.  Some fight their loneliness with  violence and depravity; Some with promiscuity or drink, and some  — like Mick — with a quiet, intensely personal  search for beauty.

Another that was published in 2011, is Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  In this book, the government requires that all teenagers be cured of love, a.k.a. deliria, to keep society safe. But 95 days before her treatment, Lena Haloway falls for a boy–and must face the truth about her own feelings and the world in which she lives.  This was a fabulous read.  And lucky for us, it doesn't end with the end of this book.  This is the first in a planned trilogy.   If you liked the Hunger Games, you will love this one!

Look for more posts about the books I loved from 2011.





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